Playing the Indonesian Lottery For Fun and Money

Playing the Indonesian Lottery For Fun and Money

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In Indonesia, a number of people enjoy playing the indonesian lottery for fun and to win money. However, they should be aware of the risks that may come with it. They should also consider the laws and regulations of their country before they start playing. If they don’t, they could end up losing all their money in no time.

For example, the alleged mastermind of the Bali Nine drug trafficking plot is living it up in Sydney while his two Australian co-conspirators are still awaiting execution. The fact that the ringleader of the gang escaped conviction through a series of lucky breaks reflects the way many of the country’s citizens see the lottery: as a game of chance where winning is not a matter of skill or hard work but rather a question of luck and fate.

Lottery clubs are a common practice in Indonesia, particularly among family members or friends who work together, old school or WA chat group mates and other close social circles. The benefits of such clubs go beyond financial gains, as they also tighten relationships and help to build trust. Unfortunately, there are also a number of scams, and people should be on guard against them.

This essay explores the direction of contemporary art practices in post-1998 Indonesia by examining the ways in which artists’ projects articulate questions about, and imaginations of, sustainability. It discusses three art initiatives – Parasite Lottery, Gudskul and Serikat Sindikasi – to examine their responses to the ongoing discourse on viability in the arts.