Playing Online Poker In Indonesia

Playing Online Poker In Indonesia

poker In Indonesia

While North America might have a headstart on the game when it comes to elite poker players they don’t have a full monopoly, and the burgeoning market in Asia has already produced some top-line talent. Indonesian/American John Juanda is one of them, with a career live tournament winnings total that would defy odds if the game were strictly about luck.

However, Indonesia’s gambling laws are quite strict and while many big time gamblers manage to avoid arrest there are many smaller players who aren’t so lucky. The country also has an underground casino scene that often puts tourists at risk from gambling gangs that fix games and then force travelers to pay with violence.

Online poker is growing and the major sites are starting to find their way into Indonesia. The iPoker and MPN Networks both offer options that allow residents in the country to deposit and cash out using local bank transfers, so it’s possible to play real money poker without fear of getting caught.

As of now, the best option for transferring funds to and from an online poker account is via EntroPay. This service works by issuing a virtual Visa card that can be loaded with funds from either a credit or bank account, and then used to fund an online poker or other gambling purchase. It’s a safe, secure and fast method that is well worth considering if you plan on playing online poker in Indonesia.