Lottery For Indonesian

Lottery For Indonesian

lottery for indonesian

Lottery for indonesian

Lottery for indonesian is not allowed in Indonesia because of the Islamic law (Sharia) that prohibits gambling. Nevertheless, the renowned online lotto sites report on having players from Indonesia despite the ban. The reason is that the foreign site converts the player’s deposit from the domestic currency to EUR or USD for him/her, which makes it possible to play despite the law.

A few years ago there was an official, government run local lottery game in Indonesia, but the ultra religious people pushed to have it banned because they did not want poor people to have a hope of becoming rich and living better lives by playing the lotto. Of course, they are right, but only because poor people do not spend all their money on tickets and also because the lottery does not guarantee them a green card in the United States. In contrast, how much did Oprah make when she flipped her Gustav Klimt painting for $150 million?

Nevertheless, the shio lottery is popular in day-to-day conversations among Flores villagers and people from the metropolis alike. It offers a foreign, relatively novel lens through which to interpret dreams and omens, and allows them to compare themselves with their peers based on the skill with which they pick the winning numbers. Although the shio lottery may result in a net loss for rural villagers, they continue to have an affair with it due to its social nature and its ability to provide them with the opportunity to redistribute their wealth amongst themselves.