Is Online Poker Legal In Indonesia?

Is Online Poker Legal In Indonesia?

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With online poker and gambling taking off, many people are wondering about the legal situation In Indonesia. Unfortunately, Indonesia’s laws are some of the most strict in the world when it comes to gambling and even poker is no exception. While some big time players do get away with it, small time gamblers face the risk of arrest and in some cases lashings or even prison sentences.

Despite the strict gambling laws, many Indonesians still enjoy playing poker for money in private games and through online platforms. Those who play in underground gambling dens do so at their own risk as police raids are common and getting caught can result in imprisonment. Tourists and foreigners who play poker online should use proxies to help them avoid detection by local authorities.

Another option is to play at a reputable international gambling site that accepts players from Indonesia. While this does not guarantee complete safety, it can make the game much more fun and less likely to lead to prosecution. Some players also choose to use a proxy server when they are at an Internet cafe in order to further protect themselves from any possible police surveillance.

Those looking for safe and secure ways to fund their gambling accounts should consider using an e-wallet service like Neteller or Skrill. This type of service allows players to fund their account using a normal credit or debit card and then transfer that amount into the gambling site in a matter of seconds. If they wish to withdraw any winnings, the process can be just as fast and easy.