Indonesian Lottery Winners

Indonesian Lottery Winners

indonesian lottery

Indonesia is a country where people speak more than 700 different languages and dialects, although most national mass media, governance, education, administration and the judiciary are conducted in the official language of Indonesian. Indonesian is also one of the most widely spoken languages in Southeast Asia and in many parts of the world. Learning a new language can open up doors in your career, give you a broader understanding of other cultures and make traveling much easier.

Buying lottery tickets online in Indonesia has become a popular pastime for locals and foreigners alike. Although gambling is banned in the country, many players find a way around this by playing the USA Powerball or European Euromillions lotteries online. These games offer huge jackpots that are hard to resist.

The mastermind of the Bali Nine drug trafficking plot has reportedly won $5 million in a lottery. The unnamed man has been enjoying an extravagant lifestyle in Sydney while Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran face execution this month. This is the second time that the mastermind has won the lottery, having previously won $1.3 million.

Despite the alleged winnings, gambling is illegal in Indonesia and those caught can face severe punishment. Many reports have been found of gamblers being brutally caned in public. This is to deter others from taking part in the activity and to punish those who have been found guilty of it. Often people who are caned will take their own lives afterwards, but in general the government takes a very harsh approach to this issue.