Indonesian Lottery – Is Indonesian Lottery Legal?

Indonesian Lottery – Is Indonesian Lottery Legal?

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Indonesia is a country that tends to attract many visitors and tourists from all over the world due to its natural beauty, mind-blowing nightlife and exotic lifestyle. While many people think that gambling in this country is alluring, it is important to note that gambling and lotto games are illegal in the country. If caught, gamblers will face heavy fines and even imprisonment. This is because the majority of the population in Indonesia is Muslim, which has strict laws and regulations regarding gambling.

Locally, the shio lottery game has gained popularity in rural areas of the country. Every six days village representatives receive the results of the shio from district capitals and then share them with the rest of the community. The money from the shio lottery is said to leave the villages and find its way to Singapore and other larger cities, but this claim has yet to be proven.

In the past, there was an official government run lottery in the country. However, this game was eventually banned by the government because it was against Islamic law, which prohibits gambling and views winning money from a lottery as sinful.

Despite the fact that online lotto is not allowed in the country, many European and Asian websites report on having players from Indonesia. These players are likely to access the sites through VPNs and proxy servers, which help to circumvent the blockage. Some of these websites will also convert the player’s currency into the site’s base currency, such as EUR or USD.