Indonesian Lottery Bans

Indonesian Lottery Bans

indonesian lottery

Indonesia is a Muslim-dominated country and gambling is a prohibited activity. The country has strict laws regarding the lottery and anyone caught attempting to play a lotto game could face severe punishments. Despite this, many Indonesians do gamble, and some even use international lotto sites. These sites offer great jackpots and are trustworthy. However, one should not get too carried away with these websites, as they are illegal in Indonesia.

The government, responding to Muslim protests, revoked the lottery’s permit this week. This decision was made at a meeting between the social minister and parliamentarians. Many people were present, and they applauded when the permit was canceled.

This decision was made amidst rising anti-immigrant sentiments. In the past, there was a local lottery in Indonesia where millions of people would buy tickets each week. But due to the religious issues, the lottery was banned. This is the first time that the government has caved into pressure from Muslims since Suharto took power over 25 years ago.

This is a very unfortunate development for the two men, who were arrested in 2005 for smuggling drugs from Australia to Indonesia. Their lawyers have argued that they should not be executed while their appeals are pending. But this is a difficult case, and there are several factors that could decide whether Chan and Sukumaran will end up on death row. For example, the unnamed mastermind of the drug run may have been in the gang, and this man’s alleged connection to the jihadist group Jemaah Islamiah could influence the outcome of their case.