Indonesian Lottery and the Indonesian Government’s Ban on Gambling

Indonesian Lottery and the Indonesian Government’s Ban on Gambling

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The Indonesian government has banned lottery gambling since 2012. However, it is still possible to win the US Diversity Visa Lottery from the country. You just need to use an online lotto website that offers a variety of USA and Europe lottery games with big jackpots.

Aside from bringing in a good revenue, playing a lotto is also a social activity. Most people play it among family members, friends or colleagues. Some even join lottery clubs that meet in person or communicate through WA chat groups. While these clubs can be financially beneficial, they also tighten relationships and provide a venue for fraudsters to take advantage of their unfortunate members.

In a country like Indonesia, where 90 percent of the population is Muslim and many are poor, a lottery scheme that would have funded sports development through money collected from lottery tickets could have been very helpful. The proposal was ultimately abandoned, mainly because of objections by Muslim clerics who argued that the lottery was equivalent to gambling and therefore prohibited under Islamic law.

Gudskul, Parasite Lottery and Sindikasi are a few examples of how artists and collectives in Indonesia work towards sustainability. These initiatives demonstrate that to be useful, art activists must expand their understanding of care and extend it to their surrounding communities. In other words, the welfare of cultural workers depends on their willingness to support policies that enable a conducive working environment.