Gambling in Indonesia

Gambling in Indonesia

gambling in indonesia

Indonesia is a country that tends to stun people with its exquisite resorts, splendid beaches and mind-boggling nightlife. However, despite this fact it is not a gambling destination, as casinos are prohibited within the country’s borders. Nonetheless, online gambling is still possible, though players need to be aware of the risks involved and follow a few simple rules.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Communication and Information will work together with telecommunications providers in order to block access to gambling content. Land-based and online gambling is illegal in the country, and if caught, it can result in a serious fine or even jail sentence.

This approach will be taken to stop both consumers and influencers, who are promoting the gambling industry in Indonesia. It is also meant to help prevent the spread of gaming content through SMS and WhatsApp blasts.

As a nation that is situated between two continents and is comprised of over 17,500 islands, Indonesia has strong economic ties with the rest of Asia as well as a number of Western countries. In the past, it was considered to be one of the most open economies in the world, and gambling was once a popular pastime.

However, since it is a majority Muslim country, religious traditions have dictated the government’s stance on gambling and other illegal activities. There was a state-run lottery in the past, but it was eventually stopped when Muslims protested. The ban over casino operations is still in place, and underground casinos are quite common throughout the country.