Gambling in Indonesia

Gambling in Indonesia

gambling in indonesia

Gambling is illegal in Indonesia. The government is extremely strict and will often cane someone who is caught in a casino. The punishment for gambling in Indonesia can range from a fine to five years in prison. Gamblers must also be 18 years of age or older to participate in gambling. In some cases, even suicide gamblers have been caned.

Gambling in Indonesia is a popular past time. Many Indonesians love to wager money on games of chance or on cockfights. They also enjoy card and dice games. If you are gambling with friends and family, it is unlikely that you’ll get in trouble. However, in some big cities, there are underground betting shops and makeshift casinos. Although gambling in Indonesia is illegal, the government has taken steps to combat illegal activities and punish operators and players who do so.

In 2012, the Indonesian government announced new laws regarding online gambling. The move was largely a reaction to the huge amount of money spent on betting on the Euro 2012 football championship. According to the Jakarta Post, Indonesians had bet billions of Rupia online. Some had even sold their homes to bet on the results.

The popularity of gambling in Indonesia has been increasing. Gambling sites have opened their sites in Indonesia, and Indonesians are increasingly using their mobile devices to gamble online. The younger generations are especially fond of these games, and gambling in Indonesia has become easier than ever. Thousands of pounds are wagered daily on table games and sports betting.